Park Rules

These rules are issued in conjunction with the pitch licence agreement relating to the occupation of a pitch at Lowther Holiday Park and form part of the terms and conditions of the licence and the occupation of holiday homes.

  1. The park is for recreational and holiday purposes only during the period as set out in the site licence. No one may stay overnight in the holiday home outside this period. The park reception is attended throughout the year subject to reduced hours during the winter.
  2. Where allowed but no more than 2 per unit, dogs must at all times be kept under proper control and must not enter any facility building. Dogs must be kept on a short lead at all times and prevented from fouling. The dog walk is the only designated exercise area. Dangerous breeds of dog are not permitted anywhere on the park at any time.
  3. No cats allowed.
  4. Pedestrians are requested to use the footpaths and roadways where possible, and not to walk between holiday homes.
  5. Holiday homes must not be let, or used by young persons under 21 years of age, nor can groups of the same sex use any accommodation without the prior written consent of the management.
  6. The quiet enjoyment of holiday home owners and bona fide guests within their designated pitch must be respected at all times.
  7. Motor vehicles must heed the speed limits and all drivers must observe directional signage at all times. Drink driving laws apply on the park and access roads. All vehicles must be parked only in the designated parking areas provided, must display a valid road fund licence, have a current MOT certificate (where appropriate) and current insurance cover for all drivers. No vehicle is to be left unattended and permanently parked on the park. No more than two vehicles may be parked at a holiday home at any one time.
  8. Children and minors are the responsibility of their parents/guardians at all times.
  9. Commercial vehicles with a carrying capacity in excess of 7cwt are not allowed.
  10. Boats and trailers are not allowed on the park. No tourers are permitted to be parked beside any holiday home.
  11. Repair and maintenance of any motor vehicle, No vehicle should be used as an alternative or additional sleeping accommodation.
  12. No fences including, chain-link, picket or rustic fencing, are allowed on the park. No timber sheds are allowed and metal boxes or storage sheds will only be allowed with the prior written consent of the management.
  13. No verandahs are allowed on the park without the prior written consent of the management. No structure or item must be placed between the holiday homes without the prior knowledge and approval of the management.
  14. Disabled access ramps and steps constructed in accordance with the standard designs will be allowed on the park only with the prior written consent of the management.
  15. No washing lines or rotary lines are permitted other than window clothes airers that attach to the holiday home windows.
  16. All ball games are to be played on the recreational area provided and not between the holiday homes, on roads or the forecourt.
  17. The park is generally designated as "open plan" therefore the areas between the holiday homes must always be kept free and unhindered to allow access to emergency services or other authorised personnel and park users excepting the conditions in rules 4 and 6.
  18. Patios, pavers, fixed garden furniture, ornamental and all types of planting require the prior written approval of the management. All such items are deemed to have passed into the park ownership upon completion. Only the parks approved contractors may undertake any building works. The care and cost of ongoing maintenance and upkeep, to the management required standards, thereafter resides with the registered owner. The management reserves the right to either remove or bring up to the required standard, any items it deems necessary, at the registered owners expense. Upon vacating a pitch for any reason, all additions in compliance with these rules must remain in situ and the pitch must be brought up to an acceptable standard at the cost of the registered owner.
  19. Windbreaks and garden furniture may only be erected for use during daylight hours whilst the holiday home remains occupied and must be removed on departure. Any such item left in situ and constituting a potential trip or fire hazard will be removed.
  20. Registered owners remain responsible for any and all costs associated with the removal or disposal of their holiday home, which may result due to abandonment, or at termination of the agreement for whatever reason.
  21. Litter, rubbish and recycling must be disposed of in the appropriate bins provided.
  22. Tents must not be erected between holiday homes.
  23. A holiday home is meant for recreational purposes, no business may be operated from the holiday home.
  24. Cyclists must ride in an orderly manner and observe the areas designated as footpaths. Lights must be fitted and used if ridden after dark.
  25. The shower/toilet blocks are for the use of touring caravan occupants only. A key will be supplied to seasonal tourers for the use of the visitors to the seasonal tourer only. No deposit will be taken and no refund will be given for toilet keys already supplied.
  26. Park facilities must be used only for the purpose for which they are intended.
  27. Noise particularly after 12 midnight is not allowed.
  28. Fishing by any method other than fly or without a permit or environment agency licence is not allowed.
  29. Alcohol must not be consumed on the holiday park other than in the Squirrel Inn and beer garden or in and around (pitch allocation) of holiday home, tourer or tent.
  30. No open fires or ground level barbeques.
  31. Swimming and boating in the river is at own risk.
  32. The rules in the park brochure form part of this agreement.
  33. No Trampolines.
  34. The company reserves the right to vary the rules from time to time.
  35. The park rules form part of the licence agreement. Breach of any rule is a breach of the licence agreement.